São Paulo, BR
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Business Development Intern

País : Brasil Brasil

Estado : São Paulo

Estado/Distrito : São Paulo

Cidade : São Paulo

Categoria : Comercial/ Vendas

Tipo de contrato : Efetivo

Tipo de emprego : A tempo inteiro

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AMARO is an omni-channel destination where customers can discover and buy a broad assortment from cool brands that match their lifestyle. Headquartered in São Paulo, our mission is to make it easy and delightful for all digitally minded consumers to find products that fit their lives and values.
Born in Brazil with global ambition, we design for how we believe the world should be, not what it is today. We are always growing together with our teams. It takes a more honest, accessible and clever approach to build our products and our customer experience. We are committed to understanding people's lives. It's in our DNA!
AMARO is seeking a smart, highly analytical, and team-player Business Development Intern. You'll work alongside senior leadership identifying opportunities and providing actionable insights from data analysis to boost our Guide Shops results. You'll also own several key processes of target setting definition and Guide Shop results reporting that is essential to achieve AMARO's Physical Retail goals.
What you'll do:
- Daily analysis and report AMARO's Physical Retail main results and KPIs
- Forecast target achievement and communicate it to Guide Shop Sales chapter leadership
- Identify opportunities and provide inputs to increase Guide Shops results
- Physical Retail target setting: For each Guide Shop, define monthly and daily revenue targets
- Automate internal processes and reports, making the area more efficient and optimizing resources
- Work close to the Data Analytics chapter and became a power user of our BI toolsWho you are & your beliefs:
- Personality: You are smart, humble, hard-working, and collaborative.
- Determination: You are hungry to challenge the status quo and have the drive to get it done.
- Vision: You think big, craft a compelling vision and inspire others to follow you.
- Master of multiple domains: You bridge the gap between business, technology, and people.
- Friendly but direct: Others enjoy working with you because you are optimistic and transparent.
- Lead and coach: You attract the best talent because people want to work and learn from you.
- Do the right thing: You believe the planet is our responsibility and take positions.What your qualifications are:
- Studying to get a college degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM)
- Excel/Google Sheets Ninja
- Advanced English
- Possess an analytical mind and strong logical reasoning skillsImagine if your job could impact millions of people's lives in a global scope. Along the journey, we are always looking for smart, humble, hard working and collaborative people who want to learn different skills, share their knowledge and grow together. We bridge the gap between business, technology and people and we always do the right thing. We take hiring very seriously. Interviewing with us may include phone interviews, practical tests, on-site interviews, and a case study. Although we are unable to follow-up with each and every applicant, we do our best to run a thorough process for candidates with whom we identify a potential fit.
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