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São Paulo, BR
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CRM sr Analyst

País : Brasil Brasil

Estado : São Paulo

Estado/Distrito : São Paulo

Cidade : São Paulo

Categoria : Comercial/ Vendas

Tipo de contrato : Efetivo

Tipo de emprego : A tempo inteiro

Descrição do cargo

AMARO is an omni-channel destination where customers can discover and buy a broad assortment from cool brands that match their lifestyle. Headquartered in São Paulo, our mission is to make it easy and delightful for all digitally minded consumers to find products that fit their lives and values.
Born in Brazil with global ambition, we design for how we believe the world should be, not what it is today. We are always growing together with our teams. It takes a more honest, accessible and clever approach to build our products and our customer experience. We are committed to understanding people's lives. It's in our DNA!
AMARO is seeking an ambitious CRM analyst, that will orchestrate an omnichannel, customer-centric strategy with personalized and compelling experiences to drive engagement and loyalty across multiple platforms such as email, push-notifications, whatsapp, in-app messages and projects with other teams.
Working side-by-side with data analysts, copywriters, graphic designers and other CRM members from the Customer Retention Team, you will develop scalable and effective strategies to retain our customers.
The ideal candidate has the ability to communicate and influence, is familiar with a wide range of marketing analysis and techniques and understands business objectives and context. Moreover, the ability to synthesize data into actionable insights for the business and an obsession with both growth and customer mindsets will be a must-have in your daily basis work.
Make sure to check out https://amaro.com/ and https://medium.com/amaro-tech to get a sense of what we are building at AMARO.What you'll do:
- Have complete knowledge of AMARO's Customer Lifecycle and the execute out of the box initiatives to increase Lifetime Value
- Interact with the data and creative teams to define and develop highly engaging and effective campaigns
- Become an ambassador of our Customer Retention KPIs, monitoring and influencing other teams to help us scale.
- Smartly implement and optimize automated campaigns on our CRM Platform
- Compile and analyze complex datasets, working side by side with data analysts to develop actionable insights and strategic clusters.
- Explore new untapped retention channels together with other squads
- Contribute with ideas to improve the process of building and measuring CRM campaigns and Customer Retention.
- Keep yourself updated on benchmarks and contribute with new ideas & features, finding opportunities within Braze and customer facing touchpoints.
- Excel your knowledge on tech and data analysis to speed up development time in a scalable and structured path.
- Stay curious, become a Braze Master by learning advanced skills of connected contents, custom attributes, custom events, canva and many others.
- Execute omni channel initiatives with our physical guideshops
- Improve the segmented campaigns to support a more sophisticated global messaging operation
- Explore new untapped segmented campaigns to increase our customer relationship, increasing its experience and avoiding unacessary contacts
- Execute coupons policy/features/mechanics increasing incrementality in ATL and BTL campaignsWhat you have previously done:
- Experience: 4-5 years in e-commerce marketing and CRM;
- Passion for CRM, digitally native companies and e-commerce;
- Knowlodge with SQL or statistical analysis tools;
- Strong verbal and written communicator;
- High attention to detail;
- Previous knowledge of customer retention will be a plus;Who you are & your beliefs:
- Personality: You are smart, humble, hard-working and collaborative.
- Determination: You are hungry to challenge the status quo and have the drive to get it done.
- Vision: You think big, craft a compelling vision and inspire others to follow you.
- Master of multiple domains: You bridge the gap between business, technology and people.
- Friendly but direct: Others enjoy working with you because you are optimistic and transparent.
- Lead and coach: You attract the best talent because people want to work and learn from you.
- Do the right thing: You believe the planet is our responsibility and take positions.What your qualifications are:
- Education: Business Administration, Economics, Marketing;
- Systems: Advanced understanding of Excel and Google Analytics;
- Level of English: Advanced Rewards & Benefits
- Competitive salary package
- Flexible Benefits that go beyond restaurants and groceries/supermarkets and can be used on delivery apps, mobility, culture, and all establishments that accept Mastercard
- Medical and dental insurance (optional)
- Flexible hours: Home Office is an option!
- Pharmacy assistance
- Child Care assistance
- Special discounts at AMARO.com
- Diverse and inclusive employee resource groups
- Leaders focused on your development and plenty of opportunity to grow
- Collaborative culture! We promote a dynamic social environment, with initiatives focused on employee wellness and well-being
- Our partnerships:
- Totalpass & Classpass: your physical health matters!
- Zenklub: online therapy platform, because your mental health matters even more
- Rosetta stone & Alura: training and educational resources on learning platforms
- Posher: beauty and wellness services
Imagine if your job could impact millions of people's lives in a global scope. Along the journey, we are always looking for smart, humble, hard working and collaborative people who want to learn different skills, share their knowledge and grow together. We bridge the gap between business, technology and people and we always do the right thing. We take hiring very seriously. Interviewing with us may include phone interviews, practical tests, on-site interviews, and a case study. Although we are unable to follow-up with each and every applicant, we do our best to run a thorough process for candidates with whom we identify a potential fit.Apply for this jobAMARO Home PageJobs powered by
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