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HR Business Partner

País : Brasil

Estado : São Paulo

Estado/Distrito : São Paulo

Cidade : São Paulo

Categoria : Recursos Humanos

Tipo de contrato : Efetivo - CLT

Tipo de emprego : A tempo inteiro

Descrição do cargo

AMARO is a technology company and digitally native fashion brand that innovates how people discover, buy and wear fashion. Headquartered in São Paulo, our mission is to make it easy and delightful for all digitally minded consumers to find products that fit their lives and values.
Born in Brazil with global ambition, we design for how we believe the world should be, not what it is today. We are always growing together with our teams. It takes a more honest, accessible and clever approach to build our products and our customer experience. We are committed to understanding people's lives. It's in our DNA!
AMARO is seeking a People Business Partner!What you'll do
- Listening to business leaders' challenges
- Supporting business areas in achieving their business goals
- Interview candidates and advise managers to hire candidates that fits best into the team and supports diversity
- Providing instant and immediate feedback on all HR processes, procedures and initiatives
- Acting as a single point of contact for employees knowing day to day employee relations topics
- Acting as the independent advisory for employees in tough situations
- Facilitate performance calibrations
- Compensation data analysis (collecting, analyzing, making recommendations)
- Managing employee onboarding, offboarding, transfers and similar processes
- Design, conduct and analyze employee surveysWhat you have previously done:
- Developed consultative and coaching skill
- Used to handle appropriate analytical tools enabling leaders to provide input on strategic decisions
- Applying creative problem-solving to address business needs and issues
- Worked close to tech and data business leaders and teams
- Have business awareness with strong all-round knowledge of HR practicesWho you are & your beliefs:
- Personality: You are smart, humble, hard-working and collaborative.
- Determination: You are hungry to challenge the status quo and have the drive to get it done.
- Vision: You think big, craft a compelling vision and inspire others to follow you.
- Master of multiple domains: You bridge the gap between business, technology and people.
- Friendly but direct: Others enjoy working with you because you are optimistic and transparent.
- Lead and coach: You attract the best talent because people want to work and learn from you.
- Do the right thing: You believe the planet is our responsibility and take positionsWhat your qualifications are:
- BA degree or equivalent practical experience. Experience working as an HR Business Partner, or generalist experience (e.g. supporting senior leaders).Experience in HR disciplines and in related emerging practices and developments. Project management and operations experience
- English proficiency: Fluent Imagine if your job could impact millions of people's lives in a global scope. Along the journey, we are always looking for smart, humble, hard working and collaborative people who want to learn different skills, share their knowledge and grow together. We bridge the gap between business, technology and people and we always do the right thing. We take hiring very seriously. Interviewing with us may include phone interviews, practical tests, on-site interviews, and a case study. Although we are unable to follow-up with each and every applicant, we do our best to run a thorough process for candidates with whom we identify a potential fit.Apply for this jobAMARO Home Page
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